Monday, September 29, 2014

"Doom Philosophy" by Sorrows Path

Doom Philosophy
About 15 months ago, I was contacted by Sorrows Path regarding their previous record, The Rough Path of Nihilism. Unfortunately, it didn't work out to make it onto the blog, but here we are today, with their brand new record, Doom Philosophy.

I made sure to take time out to check out this record front to back.

It should be noted that ex-King Diamond and Mercyful Fate member, Snowy Shaw is even guesting on a track. I just love King Diamond, what can I say?

Sorrows Path has been on again and off again since 1993 and I can't honestly tell you from which country in Europe they hail. Germany? Greece?

I'm not sure and the internet is frankly not much help here, but where the band hails from, the members aren't from a single nation anyway.

Sorrows Path
Their sophomore effort fails to succumb to the sophomore jinx. From top to bottom this album oozes doom and virtuosity.

As fits the genre, this is not a hyper brutal super mega heavy beatdown. Doom metal is far more atmospheric, like Black Sabbath, and no one's calling them out for not being super heavy are they?

The vocals are mellow and eerie. They have that European timbre that always make English lyrics sound so good.

The guitars are surgical steel precise, preternaturally precise. This will be especially impressive if they can reproduce this in concert. The European metal bands have this level of precision that we just don't have in the United States.

Melodic and heavy that's how this record goes.

The drums call down the thunder and do not disappoint. There are some accenting blast beats, but not the thundering gallops of death metal.

Fans of Sabbath, Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard, check out Sorrows Path because you're going to find a lot to love.

Release: 9/12/14
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Iron Shield Records
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