Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Sonic Child" by Zodiac

Sonic Child
Close your eyes and think about the golden age of music.


What do you picture? If you are the average American music lover in 2014, you're probably picturing 1974 and you see a golden maned singer with his shirt buttoned only about halfway and a Gibson Les Paul slung over the shoulder of the man on this left.

(Hopefully you're also reading this blog in order to see that quality music is still being made.)

Lots of folks believe that quality music has stopped being made years and years ago. Most of terrestrial radio is all about "Classic Rock." Well, needless to say, I'm not in agreement with that kind of thinking, which is not to say I don't love my 70's rock. Today's review, Zodiac, doesn't seem to know it's not 1974 anymore...


Zodiac not only musically nods to those heady (or nosey, wink wink) days, but also in terms of creativity.

Sonic Child is their third record in 28 months. Staggering. Only Monsterworks is outpacing them!

I cannot speak to their first two records, but Sonic Child is frankly superb.

From the rifftacular rhythms, to the longish jam style solos, to the acoustic guitars. These guys have crafted a retro, Arena Rock record for the ages.

Their tone is even perfect for the music. When musically going back in time, one must have the right equipment that yields the right sound.  It would be a deal breaker to use a Jackson on this type of music.

Mostly uptempo rockers, but they even yield to their sensitive side with the acoustic ballad Sad Song.

Zodiac aren't trying to change the wold. They just want to make it dance.

Release: 9/30/14
Label: Prosthetic Records
Genre: Rock
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  1. You prove daily here that good music is still being produced, Nik. Thanks for that, and being a big fan of Cream, early Clapton, John Mayall et al. I found Zodiac to have a nice retro-rock feel. Good choice