Monday, September 1, 2014

Album Review: "Religious Apocalypse" by Bloodoaked

Religious Apocalypse
Months ago, I came across a Kickstarter campaign by a band with a record label and a recording contract.

Thinking about that, it was a bit confusing, but Bloodsoaked was trying something brand new. They'd worked out a deal with Comatose Records that by taking less money to record their new album, they would receive the rights to the masters of that album, and all previous works six months after the release of Religious Apocalypse.

Well that's pretty cool, so they would be able to make a little extra money for themselves and all that good stuff, except that wasn't the point.

Bloodsoaked isn't going to be selling this album or any of the previous, but they will be giving them away via download in the belief that they will be able to grow their fanbase by allowing the music to be heard by absolutely anyone who wants to hear it. When read this, I knew I was interested in what they were doing.

Bloodsoaked, at the time of the recording.
Bloodsoaked features two guitarists, but the drums and the bass come from somewhere...but being an anti-synth guy, I'm not going to see how the hamburger is made.

It took all of three seconds to hear the American Death metal. This album is Blood Red, Corpse White, and uhh... Choking Blue from beginning to end.

Blast beats, heavy snare, alternate picked rhythm lines.

If you love Death, Morbid Angel, Deicide, etc, you're going to find a lot to love in this record...though I'd have preferred a bit more lead guitar playing...

Vocally it's fairly intense and intelligible. The vocals are growled and and angry, but they're more David Vincent than Glenn Benton, but not even full on growling as Vincent which is a nice change of pace.

Aside from the ubiquitous Tampa Bay Death riffs, there are also  hail storms of riffs. It would be awesome just to see their hands flying over the guitar in order to play these.

This album features three brand new songs, two hair metal covers, and five live cuts. Being as this was my first dance with Bloodsoaked, it was all new to me, but long time fans may yearn for more.

Release: 9/2/2014
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Comatose Music
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