Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Album Review: "Molotov" by Burning Nitrum

Iron Maiden began the heavy metal history of album covers.

The album cover should grab your attention. When you see it, you should have an idea of what's going on inside the record. The Digital Era may have killed album covers for many genres, but not metal.

Take a moment to look at it. Click on it. It's ok, I'll wait.

Immediately the cover inspires chivalry, totalitarian disdain, and rebellion against injustice.

Maybe I'm just naive...

Formed in 2010, by the vocalist, David Cillo, Burning Nitrum has released an EP, a demo, and a single. Now we're looking at their debut LP. Let's dive in while it's hot.

Burning Nitrum
Burning Nitrum is a neo thrash band, but let's just toss out the neo, because who cares?

Like any good thrash band, they can play at Warp Factor 8, but like a great thrash band, they can play at Warp 12 in harmony.

The solos on this record are the stuff legends are made of.

From sweep picked arpeggios to blazing speed to beautiful, the twin gun attack can play leads like few others in this world.

And they don't stop there, their riffing sounds like it was born in the Fields of Elysium. If that weren't enough, the rhythm section is just as tight. The band can start and stop on a pinprick. The quality of their riffing doesn't stop with the guitars.

The bass and drums join in the fun too. The cohesion in this band is dumbfounding. In my life I have never heard a band that would do what this band does with the riffs. I could literally write an eight page research paper on how awesomely they can riff.

The vocals are thrash standards. If you picture a cross between Kill'Em All James Hetfield, Show No Mercy Tom Araya, and Fistful of Metal Joey Belladonna, you might have good idea. My only complaint is that he needs to use his throaty voice more and his high pitched voice less. It's like this, everybody loves pinched harmonics when anybody but Zakk Wylde does just gotta be able to know when to go high and when not to.

All in all, this album is fantastic and is easily the best thrash record I've heard in well, since Reign In Blood.

Release: 9/22/14
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Punishment 18
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