Friday, September 12, 2014

Album Review: "Just Hip Enough To Be a Woman" by BRONCHO

Just Hip Enough To Be a Woman
In 2011, BRONCHO released their debut record, saw some success and took on two years of touring.

Well, any time that a brand new band who can tour for two years on their debut album, you'd have to think that everything is coming up rosy for them right?

Well in our heroes' case, that was simply was not how it would come to be.

While they were on tour behind the record, the record label collapsed and BRONCHO was left on the road without any tour support.

They pulled together and not only finished the tour but continued writing music and found another label and recorded their sophomore album, Just Hip Enough To Be a Woman. Thankfully for us, quitting was never an idea they considered. They believed in themselves and the songs.

BRONCHO is described as a fuzzy guitar rock band, and frankly, I did not hear that.

The guitar sounds are very retro. They're reminiscent of the time before fuzz pedals. Think of the Kinks or the Yardbirds.

It's just a shade dirtier than clean, but not quite Jimi Hendrix fuzz or John Lee Hooker grit.

It comes in around what Bass Drum of Death does. That's in feel, timbre, and technique. The biggest difference is that Bass Drum has more gain on their amps.That's about where the similarities end really.

The vocals are awash in reverb giving them a ghostly quality starkly contrasts from the music, but the vocals and music never find themselves at odds.

This is an uptempo rock album. It's the perfect music for a fight or what you play to just jump up and feel alive.

Release: 9/16/14
Genre: Indie Rock
Label: Dine Alone Records 
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  1. Didn't you see them live at the Firebird? How was the show?