Monday, September 8, 2014

Album Review: "GH/0ST:S" (Split) by Godhunter & Secrets of the Sky

Earlier this year, two bands one from Tuscon, AZ, Godhunter and one from Oakland, CA, Secrets of the Sky, released a limited edition cassette tape.

It was limited to a mere 100 copies!

This item was only available on tour, and frankly, that's a loss to the rest of us who would like a turn.

Well, we are all now in luck as the bands have connected with Battleground Records to release this split.

EP? Well it's got less songs than Reign In Blood, but it's nearly ten minutes longer.

God Hunter is fresh off their LP debut, but has been released on several splits over their career. Secrets of the Sky have also released their debut EP, but this is only their second release, and first split.

Godhunter and Secrets of the Sky
The first thing heard on this record is a spoken voice discussing how much he likes to kill people and how it's The Most Dangerous Game.

From then, the song is on like Donkey Kong.

The two tracks by Godhunter are evil and heavy. Thick and sludgy.

If you could isolate the songs out of the speakers, you could put them in your motor.  They are rough around the edges, but really interesting stuff.

The other two songs, are by Secrets of the Sky, another somewhat sludgy band, but nothing like the order of Godhunter.

They're more of a doom metal band than a sludge band and they're a bit more theatrical. This is especially apparent with the violins and the piano. The songs are thinner than the fat grooves of Godhunter, but they're also a bit more beautiful which is most likely the point.

This split is a lot of fun because the bands are so vastly different, aside from a touch of sludge. The dichotomy is intensified by the tracking. Instead of each band getting a side they each get a side of a side.

So, after the sludge crunch of Godhunter, the listener is greeted by the mellow arpeggios and violins of Secrets of the Sky.

Release: 9/9/14
Genre: Metal, Doom Metal
Label: The Compound and Battleground
Facebook Link: Godhunter 
Facebook Link: Secrets of the Sky

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