Friday, September 19, 2014

"Towards The Light" by Dominhate

Towards the Light
Today's album up for review is the latest by Dominhate.

This is another one of the bands who have risen from the ashes of another and dealt with members coming and going, but in the end, they have arrived.

They are self-described as "death thrash," and I can fully state that I'm not entirely sure what that means.

I have always seen death metal to be a natural evolution of thrash metal and not a completely different animal entirely. Both genres are fast, both make good use of high gain, riffing, and double bass blast beats.

In the end, even Spew (a division of Punishment 18 Records, so named for their dedication to thrash.) agrees that they are not a death metal band, but they at least count somewhat as a thrash band.

I'm still sticking with that they are death metal.

This album starts off the requisite death metal atmospheric track and from then on it's full bore extreme death.

They have the modern sound, thinner sounding blast beats, the very hollow, yet big, sounding growls.

There's also a lack of guitar solos, but riffing is not lacking in anyway, and that includes on the bass. There are a few nice bass guitar breaks.

The riffing here is like an avalanche, in the first song it starts to build and by the end of the album, it feels like an avalanche of metal that just cannot be stopped.

There is definitely a lot about Dominhate and they appear to have a bright career in front of them.

Release: 9/22/14
Genre: Metal
Label: The Spew Records
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