Monday, September 22, 2014

"Imperium" by Internal Bleeding

New York City.

Thinking of the Big Apple, my mind wanders to a ridiculous campaign about salsa not being from New York.

However, this isn't about salsa or TV, but a death metal band that's been together for over twenty years. So few acts reach 20 years, much less any interpersonal relationships, but here they are.

Of course Death Metal's not from New York either...

They reared their heads in 1992 with the demo, Invocation of Evil, and went through some serious trials and some serious metal eating its own young.

They refer to their style as "Total F------ Slam." They saw what they were doing as a different kind of death metal, though they have been written off as generic death metal, a close listening shows that's not really the case....

Internal Bleeding
Like many death metallers, Internal Bleeding have a very thick sound. The guitars sound like they're drenched in blood, too cliche...well I'm going with it.

It's full of the fat low end and pulled down mid range that just makes the great death metal records sound so great.

The production levels on Imperium are just fantastic. There is none of the cliche of the drums swallowing up the music.

The guitars and bass, play hooks a plenty. Much like Master, they aren't just playing riffs that are as heavy as they can make them, but they're playing songs. How refreshing isn't it?

Internal Bleeding strives for pit friendly grooves and their synchronicity yields strong, full songs that groove. Your head will be moving, but not in a headbanging sort of way. Though much of the record is midtempo groove, there are some slower and faster parts that keep the listener on edge.

There's a dangerous feeling of nervous energy in these tracks. Heavy and manic.

Release: 9/30/14
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unique Leader
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