Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Album Review: "EastfrisiaApokalypse" by Eastfrisian Terror

Today we're looking into some foreign grind/death metal, but in the end most of this kind of music is a bit foreign. Napalm Death, Carcass, etc those are the godfathers of today's review.

Eastfrisian Terror hails all the way from Germany, Emden, Germany to be exact.

Normally, I do not think of Germany as being all that metal really. I suppose it's the David Hasselhoff thing that makes me think that. 

I still picture discos blaring pop and dance music over there....But today we're looking past that and into the glaring face of metal. Metal, they definitely are.

An interesting note about this band, Eastfrisian Terror, is that they do not sing in English. When it comes to death/grind/etc it really doesn't matter, but the song titles are in German, but in their home dialect and not standard German, which makes it all the more interesting.

Eastfrisian Terror
They chose to write about topics that represent political strife in their homeland rather than that of torture and the normal topics of death metal to differentiate themselves a bit from the rest of the pack.

The guitarists gallop along at full bore bringing the music to frenzied heights.

The guitars had a great tone and aside from the thick rhythms also played some small melodic interludes instead of full on solos.

The drumming is all straight grindcore. The beats blast, the snare snaps, and he must have about 11 arms and legs really.

The vocals are where I saw the most differentiation. 

There are at least seven different vocal deliveries from standard death growls, to screams, to squeals, and even Tom Araya styled yelling. It was really all over the place.

This is an album that revisits much of the past with an eye on the future of extreme metal.

Release: Out Now
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Rotten Roll Records

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