Friday, November 28, 2014

Album Review: "Prolapse" by American Heritage

Today we  have a group called American  Heritage up for review. It's a bit funny that their album is being put out on a record label from Clemont-Ferrand in France.

This is their first album for Solar Flare Records.

The Chicago based quartet has been around for some time with low brow music and lyrics.

Originally formed in 1997, they have been writing and recording music for a very long time, even though their first full length album wasn't released until until nine years later, 2006's Millenarian.

Before that, they put out several EPs, took part in compilations, and split EPs nearly every year or so. Their style is sure to be music to the ears of many folks in the wider world.

American Heritage
They are described as sludge, hardcore metal, technical metal and probably a host of other terms.

I would put them in the intersection of Entombed, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, and High On Fire. Death'n'Roll or stoner/groove metal.

The vocals toe the line between death growls and hardcore screams.

The guitars play some very thick progressions that lack clarity and hyper riffing.

There's a distinct lack of solos, but that never seems to bring the music down or make it less metal.

The drums are straight forward double bass beats, but it's a lot closer to the Slayer Beat rather than the Carcass Beat. It's a nice galloping pace that  never overwhelms or defines the  music.

This is a lo-fi metal record. It reminds me of the old days of buying tapes at shows for $4. The music is professionally played, and the recording gives it a certain something that no Pro Tools recorded album can ever create. Character.

This is a worthy album for anyone who loves metal, but thinks Napalm Death might be a bit too much to take in.

Release: Out Now
Genre: Metal
Label: Solar Flare Records
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