Monday, November 10, 2014

Album Review: "A Tapestry of Scabs & Skin" by Astrakhan

A Tapestry of Scabs & Skin
Let's begin today's journey in the most wonderful city in Canada...

Vancouver, British Columbia.

The "inspiration" for Buddy once stated that Heaven is a lot like Vancouver.

These fellows don't seem like they're all interested in hearing about Heaven or Buddy too much, but I'm glad that I can make a Kids In The Hall reference finally....

The opportunities don't come around all that often.

Astrakhan is supposedly peopled with veterans of the Vancouver, B.C. music scene. They're self proclaimed doom/sludge metal.

They've just signed to War On Music to release this EP.

That's about all I've got.

Sludge metal, doom metal, stoner metal, groove metal. To me all of these designations mean about the same thing in regards to how the music sounds. I suppose we could toss pagan metal into that as well.

But let's sally forth into the review of their upcoming EP.

This kind of music is directly descended from the Ozzy Osbourne Era Black Sabbath.

Keep that in mind...

The vocals do have an Ozzy influence. There's an indefinable timbre to those classic Sabbath records that just makes them wonderful and here there's a touch of that. Again, indefinable.

The guitars, though heavy, sound like they have rounded edges with some thick, but easy going distortion.

The bass riffs are rumbly and riff-tacular. Following the guitars here is not the order of the day.

These songs are minimalist epics. They are big and grandiose, but they're not played with the sense of style of say Buckethead or Steve Vai.

The stereo mixing is amazing. Superb production.

Release: 12/12/14
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: War On Music
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