Monday, November 3, 2014

Album Review: "Shake Electric" by Spiders

Shake Electric
When I think of countries around the world I'd like to visit, I do have to mention Sweden.

There seems to be a lot of stuff that comes out that country in Scandinavia that keeps me occupied.

Not just metal, but hockey players. I think they have chocolate, coffee, and even snus came from up there.

There must be something with the fact that it's dark there so much of the time that the Swedes just have to keep creating new things all the time.

Well, Spiders are Swedish, but they're not black metal. In fact they're not even metal at all. I know we do a lot of metal around here, and we all just kind of expect Swedes to be really metal....

Gothenburg Sweden's Spiders.
I was not expecting this album to come out of the speakers when I started playing it.

To put it most simply, it's perfect 4/4 70's rock'n'roll played dirty.

Fans of Led Zeppelin and Kiss should be jumping for joy right now.

Though the music has a retro sound and feel, there's no disingenuousness from the band.

It feels authentic, so much so that I'd be willing to bet that these guitars were recorded with vintage amps and guitars. The overdriven sound is so perfectly tailored for Led Zeppelin III or Kiss's Dressed To Kill. It's that perfect Les Paul tone that's just a touch too far for Chicago Blues and rolls right into heavy rock.

Featuring in the pocket drumming, subtle bass riffing below the chords, high timbre vocals that get a bit dirty, and some inspired, but wacky lead guitar work...this album should please fans of any genre.

Release: 11/04/14
Genre: Rock
Label: Spinefarm Records
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