Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Album Review: "Suffering EP" by Putrid Offal

It's a great time to be a death metal fan.

From new bands like Fisthammer and Coffin Dust releasing their amazing debut records to the lords of death metal and grindcore like Carcass, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Massacre, and Napalm Death releasing great, new material and touring.

Though the genre appeared to have run its course in the late 90's with many of those bands breaking up or going on hiatus.

It seems that, much like when the first generation of heavy metal, like Sabbath, Priest, and Iron Maiden, returned,

Another one of the old guard has returned. Putrid Offal, who have lain dormant for years and years, have decided to resurrect the beast and return to the world of the living.

Putrid Offal
Though never one of the giants of the genre, they were always very brutal and ready to go at it and definitely worthy of being compared to the aforementioned above.

They have released a short EP on Kaotoxin Records as a teaser to a full length record early next year.

I really should put extended play in quotes. The tracklist includes three different recordings of the title track, Suffering, from different epochs in the band.

The recordings of that song don't have a whole lot of differentiation. It's a very short tune, under two minutes and it pounds with serial killer brutality.

There's one new song and, pardon the pun, it just kills. Like the other tune, it features vocals drenched in echoes that growl like the hounds of hell on their trail.

The riffing is shaky, tremolo laden, that sets an eerie tone. The drums sound very glassy.

This is just death metal perfection and I can't wait to hear the full length.

Release: 10/31/14
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Kaotoxin Records
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