Monday, August 24, 2015

Album Review: "Aeons In Tectonic Interment" by Tyranny

Aeons In Tectonic Interment
Who wants to talk about metal subgenres?

In fact I had a conversation on twitter today where my love of all things metal was questioned due to my hatred of the subgenres.


Today we're looking at the latest release by Tyranny, a Funeral Doom Metal outfit.

I suppose we can assume this album will not have any songs about living to win, never giving up, or any other fist pumping hang in there type anthems...

Tyranny are a group peopled of members from other groups at any given time. Today we're considering their sophomore effort, Aeons In Tectonic Interment, which comes a full ten years after their first release.

The album starts the way it finishes, continues, and interludes, slow and deliberate.

The tempo of this album is basically the same all the way though. Tyranny has things to say, but they are in no hurry to say them.

At first pass, it feels distracting.

But as the album ambulates through its five tracks, the pace becomes necessary.

At the 30 minute mark, speeding up these songs becomes unthinkable.

The ringing, sludgy chords, the forlorn vocals, the wisps of melody, it all adds up to an immersing experience.

Before I listened to this album, I heard a very long track off of Pink Floyd's Animals, which turns out was providential. Tyranny has made a depressing, metal, vicious Pink Floyd album from their pre-Darkside of the Moon Era.

Settle in, this ride will be long and bumpy, but worth it.

Release: 9/18/15
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal
Label: Dark Descent
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