Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Album Review: "Lamentia" by Obscene Entity

Another day and another album and another new artist.

Obscene Entity is from merry old England. If you need something more specific, they are from East Anglia.

I know, I'm thinking about the exact same sketch about the Bishop of East Anglia too, but Obscene Entity is light years away from Monty Python...

In 2012, they released their selft titled debut EP.

In 2014, they began work on the follow up release, their proper full length debut.

Now in mid to late 2015, we have it available for our perusal. It's hard to really talk about what kind of music they play, as they take many of the accepted conventions of many kinds of music, and kind of toss them all together...

Obscene Entity
As the mighty Slayer once said, let's take it piece by piece. (It's a paraphrase...)

This music is full of very thick, very guttural vocals. They have that Jeff Walker dryness to them.

If their essence was distilled, they could probably be used to remove wallpaper. Very metal...very modern death metal.

The guitars are relentless rhythm machines. The attack is unyielding. Most of the album is in fifth gear and never looking back. How the guitarists play like this for an entire show is mind boggling to me. Their rapid fire attack shoots out more notes in each verse than most bands do on Side A.

The's where things get a little bit interesting. The guitars and bass are turned down in the mix. The drums lead the music and contain, dare I say...melody? It's a very unique arrangement.

If there was a legitimate genre of music called punk metal, I think Obscene Entity would have just pioneered it. Some would call this grindcore, but that's not quite right. There's too much different here for that.

In the end, this is a fast, angry, heavy album that underneath it all, has a great groove.

Release: 11/27/15
Genre: Metal
Label: Tidroid Records

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