Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Album Review: "Odd Anthem" by Static In Verona

Odd Anthem
It's been a nearly a full year and a half since I first heard of Static In Verona.

The "band" was described to me as a mixture of shoegaze, jazz, pop, and everything else in the world that could be put into category that was neither rock nor blues.

Well, I do my best to listen to what's sent to me, and I checked it out. You can read about it here.

Well, it's been awhile since I posted that review and I've been jamming to that disc since I heard it.

Now we're talking about the next release by the indie one man band from Chicago. The next record is out later this month and I'll admit has a slightly less cool title than its predecessor, but I am not sure that title could be topped....

Rob Merz or Static In Verona...whichever really.
Let's start off the review in the best way possible... Odd Anthem is probably the best named album in a very, very long time.

Not because the album title is that awesome, but because it perfectly describes what's contained in the songs.

These songs are anthems. They are giant. They ooze happiness, energy, melancholy, and everything else in between.

True to form, Static In Verona retains its trademark variety.

Again, it feels like watching a parade and each song is a new float. The songs are oddly eclectic and feel unrelated to each other, but that in turn makes them connected to each other that much more.

The previous album, Everything You Knew Before You Knew Everything, was a great debut album. The listener got to know what makes Static In Verona tick, but the follow up, Odd Anthem, is everything the sophomore release should be.

It's better in every way.

Vocally, Rob Merz sounds like a wholly different person. His vocals have improved leaps and bounds. They songs are anthems packed with giant harmonies and building tension.

This album's musical accompaniment is more polished and more focused. The electric guitar features more prominently among the synths, pianos, and keyboard.

If you heard the first album, that should be all the reason you need to pick up this one, but if not, pick up this one because it's just better.

Release: 8/28/15
Genre: Pop
Label: DIY
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  1. Thanks for featuring Odd Anthem. It comes out on August 28th and will be name-your-price on Bandcamp.com at http://staticinverona.bandcamp.com