Friday, August 21, 2015

Album Review: "Earth Shaker" by Ramage Inc

Earth Shaker
Let's talk about Scotland.

I think most of us here in the United States do not think much about the small nation in the north of the United Kingdom, but being a Cameron, I do.

Though I do not enjoy the Scottish Premier League at all...sorry ancestors, but if it matters I do have my family's coat of arms tattooed onto me.

Ramage Inc is a progressive metal band from Edingburgh, Scotland.

They have been doing this music thing for awhile and their latest album, Earth Shaker, is due to be released in early September.

You should honestly keep reading because, how many Scottish bands can you name?

There was a time when the most progressive metal band on the planet was Metallica. This was during the Master of Puppets through ...And Justice For All era.

Looking at bands today, it's amazing how far they've come and many bands make Metallica's early works seem positively static by comparison.

Ramage Inc draws heavily upon the old days of Metallica, but also incorporates elements of power metal, death metal, and even hair metal. (keep reading)

This album is positively drenched in guitars. Melodic lead guitars full of pinched harmonics (the hair metal bit), acoustic guitars, and of course bone crunching rhythm guitars.

The songs are long and delve off into strange places sometimes. Between the acoustics, the female singing, the stinging guitar solos, I never knew what to expect. After each riff or movement, there's no logical place for the songs to go.

That's progressive music defined.

Anyone looking to take a musical journey, this is a band that will take you places you've never been, because it feels like they're finding their way on every song.

Release: 9/4/15
Genre: Progressive Metal
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