Monday, August 10, 2015

Album Review: "The Price of Immortality" by Liberty's Exile

The Price of Immortality
This is another one of those times where I had to consider enlarging the photo of the album cover in order to accommodate the title of the album.

Thankfully, it just squeezes in.

However, the tracklist is whole other story entirely, our new friends from London, England have packed this release full.


This is, I THINK, now officially the longest album I have ever reviewed. It clocks in around Metallica's Load and Reload.

Yes, The Price of Immorality is around 78 minutes of music. If it were any longer, the listener would need to have already paid the price of immortality just to finish the record!

I kid. I  kid, but only a little.

Liberty's Exiles
If I'm reading the world wide webiverse correctly, this is the eighth release by our new friends from London, who'd better support Arsenal...

This is my first time hearing them though.

This album is meant to be more progressive and drawing on a greater variety of influences than their previous seven albums.

First off, it feels like it came staggering out of the burning ashes of a head on collision between U2 and Pink Floyd.

The music is ambient and active full of many strange sounds. The vocals are where I'm reminded the most of U2 and the music is where I'm reminded the most of Pink Floyd. That is until the synths really start to kick in.

What confused me the most was how the guitars sometimes masquerade as synthesizers. They often have that sweeping, synth tone, but upon closer inspection, it's a fuzzed out guitar. Crazy.

As any album (especially a double ) should, the songs weave back and forth creating peaks and valleys. My only complaint about  this album is that it is just a touch too long. If it were pared down to about 60 or 65 minutes, it would feel tighter.

That's not to say I have any suggestions where to cut.

Liberty's Exiles create several little symphonies over the course of The Price of Immortality and any lover of avant garde music should find something right up their alley.

Release: 9/4/15
Genre: Modern Rock
Label: Jukester PR
Facebook Link (Plenty of music to preview on their Facebook page.)