Friday, August 28, 2015

Double EP Review: Forte Ruin & Obedience To Dictator

Forte Ruin
I'll admit that sometimes I can be the Ace Frehley of music blogging.

Meaning, I can tend to be a bit lazy, but I work hard hard hard when the mood strikes me.

Today, I was digging through the pile of emails and hoping to review something that was sent directly to me by the artists and I came across Forte Ruin.

Then I realized, I had another album in the stack of music from an Italian band called Obedience To I'd decided I was going to review them both and have two posts to show for it!

Then I realized that these were both EPs.

I'm sorry, but sometimes when it comes to Extended Plays in stead of Long Plays, I can't be as loquacious as I'd like to be and tend to be too short.

So in order to combat all that, I decided to double dip on these two EPs and do my second double review post.

Forte Ruin EP by Forte Ruin.

When it comes to death metal, we always have to Finnish what we've started. That's my little pun to let you know that Forte Ruin hails from the very brutal country of Finland.

They do not hesitate to being their crushing three track EP quickly.

The songs are huge, fast, and brutal. The guitars are the star of the show, but I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you about the drums. There's a unique sound there and the thunderclap like an avalanche, but don't be seeking out too many blast beats. They're here, but only used to effect.

The vocals change from singing, to grunts, to growls to screams, and everything's covered up with the keyboards.

Forte Ruin are masters at mixing up styles. If I had to choose one single designation, I'd call them Black Metal, but that's so limiting it's an insult.

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Hogzilla EP by Obedience To Dictator

Our Italian friends are possessed by the very speed of Mercury. This album is fast, fast, fast.

As this is old school death metal, there are blast beats abounding. The drums are immense and, as the style would dictate, they sit at the front of the sound.

The guitar riffs remind me a bit of Master and the tone is reminiscent of Carcass. If those are are you two main influences and you play death metal, well, that's already the foundation for something great.

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In conclusion, these are both brand new bands with a lot of metal to sling. Keep it heavy, boys.

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