Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Album Review: "All Empires Fall" by Tombs

Tombs: All Empires Fall
One thing I have discovered during my foray into music journalism is the amount of incredible music being produced which flies under the radar, and would have likely escaped my notice, had I not been actively been covering new music.  

The rise of so many platforms for delivering music to the world has greatly reduced the role of mainstream radio and ensured a vehicle for many bands who never could have existed if reliant solely on airplay.  

Hence the existence of a website such as this, and my mission to call attention to bands which might otherwise have not found their way into your ears and eyes.  Brooklyn based Tombs is a perfect example of this.   

Tombs has existed since 2007, with "All Empires Fall" being their sixth release (if you count EPs). Yet before now, I had not heard their music.  Clearly I have been missing out as I could not have been more impressed.
Straight from the epic opening riff of "The World is Made of Fire" this album tore through my speakers, making it difficult to write this review through fits of spontaneous head banging.

Tombs music is difficult to categorize as it encapsulates many different metal sub-genre’s.  The above mentioned short intro opening track has a classic metal/ sludge metal sound to it, with elements of black metal in the lead guitar tracks. The second track “Obsidian” is straight ahead black metal, specifically reminiscent of Emperor. 

“Last Days of Sunlight” is atmospheric and haunting capturing the essence of the final dying gasps of a doomed planet. 

 Track 4, “Deceiver” is the highlight of the EP.  If one recognizes not all thrash tunes are necessarily lightning fast, it almost reminds me of a doom-tinted version of Anthrax or Megadeth.  The track is so infectious I have already listened to it six times in the past two days. 

Track 5, which is simply titled “V” returns the band to their black metal roots, reminding me musically of Darkthrone and vocally of Dimmu Borgir, with crushing, powerful riffs throughout.

I think the best way to describe the vocal style throughout is a haunting and powerful blend of Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir , Till Lindemann from Rammstein, and even an element of Marilyn Manson as vocalists Mike Hill and Fade Kainer weave in and out of different styles.  

Tombs has managed to consolidate all these influences and styles into a unique sonic assault.

I missed out on Tombs for far too long, do not make the same mistake.

Release: 4/01/16

Genre: Black Metal/Sludge Metal/Classic Metal/Doom Metal
Label: Relapse Records



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