Thursday, March 24, 2016

Album Review: "The Chris Rolling Squad" by Chris Rolling

The Chris Rolling Squad
How many times have you heard the blues?

It's a musical genre that has gone farther underground than any other in the world. I believe that in 2016 it's "cool" to say you listen to the blues.

Is there a generation growing up that thinks the genre began with Jack White or the Black Keys? (Note: both groups are awesome.)

There is something truly beautiful about using sadness to combat itself. I suppose it's like using a depressant (alcohol) to chase the blues away?

There are times hearing a blues tune is like hearing it all for the first time again. Keeping the flame alive can be largely attributed to the English Blues scene. When it was dying out in America, the English picked up the torch, but what about the French?

Chris Rolling
Normally where an artist is from has a negligible impact on how the music sounds, but for Chris Rolling, his being French gives his vocals a distinct quality.

It's reminiscent of hearing Guitar Wolf sing in English. The stilted timbre of his words adds a flair and a character that's all too uncommon.

Aside from the punk blues that's being more and more popular here in the States, there's also a shuffle on this EP.

When is the last time we heard someone doing a blues shuffle?

It's been far too long. Left Lane Cruiser...are you listening?

The songs are quirky and fun. The final track, a blues rocker is a cover a 90's band from Sweden called Indian Red. Seriously, there's Swedish Blues? Besides Wolverine Blues I mean.

The only thing missing from this disc is a cover of a classic Chicago Blues tune. Maybe next time you can follow the Yardbirds's lead and play "Boom Boom Boom" by John Lee Hooker?

Release: Out Now
Genre: French Blues
Label: DIY

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