Monday, March 28, 2016

Album Review: "Diabolical Scriptures" by Engraved Darkness

Diabolical Scriptures
Gene Simmons has been making some interesting comments about the state of music lately.

Rock is dead.

He can't wait for the end of rap music.

How amazing is it that he has become an old curmudgeon in his social security years.

It just means that we're all suspect when it comes to music as we start to have more rings around the tree I suppose. Things like this to me are why I soldier on here.

His distaste for rap in particular is what I find the most interesting. He claims not be gangster enough to relate to it. As if one has to be a mythical god to be able to relate to God of Thunder or a werewolf to be able to relate to Almost Human. I won't even touch Christine Sixteen or Domino...

Well here's another album full of songs that I don't personally relate to...because you don't have to be able to enjoy it.

Engraved Darkness is keeping music evil.
Getting back for a moment to rock is dead. It's my belief that right now music is as good as it's ever been.

It may be the best time in the world to be a fan, but possibly the worst time to be a musician, that's why we as fans have to monetarily support the artists.

I buy at least 2 or 3 albums every month in addition to the promos I receive.

Engraved Darkness is a band that's benefiting from the new methods of distribution. This is an independent death metal record.

When we say support indie metal, this is what we mean. From deep in Ohio comes this menacing record.

The guitars are so thick. The rhythm tracks could probably grate cheese if the block is placed near the speaker. So, note, don't put your wrists near the speakers, especially during the solos.

This album sounds metallic and that's not meant to be a euphemism. The pinched harmonics sound like a katana being unsheathed. They sound like battoujitsu.

Vocally, we get conventional old school growls coupled with English style screeching.

The drums are set perfectly in the mix and have a very natural, ambient sound.

This album is heavy and melodic. Diabolical Scriptures is adventurous but remains true to the forebears of the genre.

Release: 4/29/16
Genre: Death Metal
Label: DIY

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