Monday, March 7, 2016

Album Review: "Advent of the Human God" by Necronomicon

Advent of the Human God
Let's talk about metal sub-genres!

The collective groan is palpable all seven of you reading this right now.

This is a common topic here, but this is on of those times  when it's really important to discuss them. It's pretty well known that I am a big fan of Death Metal, with Tampa Bay Death Metal being my favorite.

So, this email arrives asking if I would like to check out Blackened Death Metal Band Necronomicon.

Blackened Death Metal isn't Black Metal, which it's well known that is not one of my favorites, right? I have no strong feelings regarding Black Metal, but it's just not my bag. To me, Blackened Death Metal is a bit of a useless name meaning Carcass like death metal that sings about Satan and his underlings....and I can get behind that.

It's decided to spin this album, sight unseen, because it's all about the music right?

Well, this album kicks out the brutal death metal straightaway.

The music feels a bit Swedish, kind of Gothenburgy. I know that's such a hipster thing to say, but I will stand by it.

The blast beats came out at a speed no mortal human being could reach and it reminded me of Lelahell, which is a very good thing.

Vocally, this album is pure American death metal of the classic variety. The growls are angry and a bit indecipherable, if you don't speak the language. So, my mother would hear this and think he was dying. That's also a good thing.

So far, nothing black metal has reared its head at all. (Please note I hadn't seen a press photo yet.) There aren't a whole lot of guitar solos, but nice melody lines interspersed with the overdriven rhythms.

Then out of nowhere, keyboards the size of Finland descend onto this track. Normally, Black Metal keyboards, to me, are throwaway parts that add little to the sound, but an overneath wave of semi-ethereal feelings.

These keyboards are amazing. They have a far greater purpose than being there because the written in stone, paint by numbers, rules of the genre say they have to be. There are many call and response passages between the vocals and the keyboards.

Why has no one done this before?

Now comes my funny story. Normally, anyone wearing classic Black Metal Garb would be rejected. It's too me too honestly. But before I had seen any pictures of Necronomicon, I was already in love with their album.

So, I kind of had a reverse Dee Snyder moment from that show where the fans hated him until he wiped his makeup off...but backwards! Regardless of my personal tastes, this album kicks ass and it's a must own for Black Metal Fans and those on the fence, like myself.

Release: 3/25/16
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Label: Season of Mist

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