Friday, March 25, 2016

Album Review: "Breaker" by Phosphene

My whole life has been spent largely with my nose in books.

My time riding public transport has always been welcome because when on the train, plane, or the bus there is plenty of time and access to reading.

During this summer past I read Hikaru no Go manga whilst commuting to the office and back.

It will be wonderful when I can go back to that commute instead of fighting rush hour traffic twice a day. It's just so much more peaceful.

But  moving on, growing up in all of the make sure you read PSAs, it was always about how books can transport you to a different place and time which is very true. Still, literature is my second favorite art form. My first being music. Its beauty is something we all behold on a daily basis. Music is playing in my personal sphere around 12 hours a can transport you through your own history....

Like Quantum Leap.

Let's all say hello to Phosphene, the alterna-trio from Oakland, CA.

Phosphene remembers a different time in our history when times weren't so troubled.

When Bill Clinton saved the USA from recession and when we still had the World Trade Center.

Taking songwriting cues from U2, Phosphene has crafted an EP full of driving chord progressions, sultry vocals, and an upbeat outlook on life. This is what I lack when I read. So rarely can a book effect my mood in the profound way songs and music can.

During the days when alternative music was king, I was busy being metal. It was hard to find the value then, but that's when my life was in a very different place. Looking back, it's much easier to see the value in the styles of music that were avoided by me.

Phosphene's bouncy way will bring warm feelings to your heart.

Release: 4/29/16
Genre: Alternative Pop
Label: DIY

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