Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Album Review: "All That Is Beautiful" by Deathkings

All That Is Beautiful
One of the things fans of more extreme types of music hear is how can you possibly listen to music like that?

Our world is populated with a great many people who think that if one listens to angry music all the time that they must be angry people.

It's not often that someone would say the same things about blues or country music is it?

It's not music is another chestnut we hear all the time. As if the super twangy country music vocals are.

Music conveys mood and emotions. That's what makes music art. It's one of the few art forms where the consumer can hear, see, and feel the emotional connection from the creator of the art.

A common refrain on the pages of Glacially Musical: It's easy to make fast songs interesting. It's hard to make slow songs interesting.

This album has five songs.

The fastest passages on these extraordinarily long songs is about as fast as the bridge to Black Sabbath.

It would seem that after about nine minutes of slow drums, over fuzzed out guitars, and painful vocals (it sounds like he's in pain) that these songs would begin to lose their luster.

It takes something special to make an 18 minute song interesting and engaging.

Rush did it a few times didn't they?

But this album isn't progressive or overly technical like Rush. It's slow and brash, like the original Dio Era Sabbath.

Deathkings greatest accomplishment isn't the clean notes coexisting with the dirty ones, the vocals that howl like a man unraveling, the swagger filled drums, but all of the above's ability to convey a feeling.

Sometimes we all hurt and this album will make you feel better.

Release: 3/18/16
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Midnite Collective

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