Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Album Review: “Encyclopedia Cannibalicium: Minimal Results with Maximal Effort” by Cannibal Accident

If you have been waiting for just the right time to get your first Cannibal Accident album your opportunity has arrived.  “Encyclopedia Cannibalicium: Minimal Results with Maximal Effort” contains all fifty one tracks previously recorded by the metal grindcore masters. 

It is an efficient and intense listen, with each track clocking in at about a minute in length, yet still managing to contain a billion notes, blast beats, shrieks and growls per song.

I have to admit, while deciding on an album to review, I was lured in by song titles such as “Hobo Lobotomy”, “Rectum Loosener”, and what can only be described as an epic 49 second ode to zombie love, “Necromutant Impregnation”.  Here is a band which is not mincing words in their mission of delivering intense metal brutality to the world, but at the same time does not take their mission too seriously. 

This album contains all the hallmark sounds of legendary grindcore pioneers Napalm Death. Yet somehow Finland's Cannibal Accident seems to do it even better than their influences. 

You really have to be a connoisseur of extreme metal to appreciate the harsh and violent songs grindcore bands have to offer.  However, if you are a fan or want to find out what the genre is all about, this album just might be the quintessential and definitive grindcore release.  

Play “Encyclopedia Cannibalicium" at any gathering and you are sure to conjure a mosh pit.  Each track is a relentless burst of energy commanding the listener to madly flail about, pummeling all in their path. 

If time is of the essence, but you still want to check out Cannibal Accident, I recommend skipping ahead to track number 50. 

This song, titled “Oi Maamme’, is as concise as it is vicious, being all of one second long.  With it, I completed the heretofore impossible task of learning all the lyrics to a death metal song during the first listen.

But it is not necessary to learn any of Cannibal Accident’s lyrics to enjoy their songs.  Assume they are about despicable carnage of some sort, and get on with the raging metal.

Release: 7/29/16
Genre: Grindcore, Death Metal
Label: Nailjar Records


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