Monday, June 20, 2016

LP Review: "Great Unknown" by The Watters

Great Unknown
I'm a bit tired of beef stew.

For those readers who don't follow my twitter account, if you ask me, my beef stew is legendary.

My love of beef stew is bordering on religiosity. Far more beef stew has passed its way into my innards than is likely healthy.

Not just the canned slop, which is delicious, but I also cook beef stew at home. Over the years, my bland and tasteless beef stew has been transformed into a miso/gravy/chicken broth based culinary cluster bomb of something or other.

Heavy Metal is kind of like beef stew for me as well. My love is legendary. My devotion is epic. However, there are times when we just don't all feel like worshiping Satan and we need a break.

The Watters
Our principals, Jenna and Daniel Watters both sing and play guitar.

They switch off lead vocals in a beautiful and timeless way.

The vocals are strong, powerful, and have a retro feeling, but the lyrics do not, well at least not all of the time.

This album, recorded mostly live, is peopled with no less than nine people.


That's almost as many people as Spinal Tap had in their band during their entire fictional career!

The songs owe as much to blues greats as they do country and western legends. Lyrically, this is an interesting album. Lines like Your kiss is an apocalypse will remain in mind for many hours to come after words.

Frankly, I'm not entirely certain what kind of music this is. This is one of those times when we should remember what Duke Ellington "said," there are only two kinds of music: Good and Bad.

This music is very, very good.

Release: 7/1/16
Genre: Pop
Label: DIY

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