Friday, June 3, 2016

Album Review: "Enter The Sentai" by Pseudo/Sentai

Enter The Sentai
Lately there has been a lot of travel in my life.

Travelling is a great and fun thing for me, but not when it's always on an airplane.

Let's face it, flying sucks. It's the greatest indignity that we force upon ourselves in the USA. It might not be so bad if the seats were a little bigger or if we could go to the bathroom when we need to rather than when we're allowed to.

It's nice being able to see out the window and seeing the changing of the landscapes though. One of my favorite hobbies on planes is to see if I can find sports's yet to happen properly though.

More fun than flying is the road trip. You pack up your car and stop at gas stations along the way. My personal solo record is St. Louis to Buffalo. It's a 12 hour drive. Instead of seeing the landscapes change as you pass above, they are experienced.

Combos are my favorite road trip snack.

When we have the chance, we take smaller highways instead of the larger interstates. Naturally, this takes longer, but the local color is always worth it.

Pseudo/Sentai is a lot like travelling around the United States by car rather than by plane.

Getting on a plane in St. Louis to Atlanta takes barely any time at all and by the time you're comfortable in your seat, it's time to land. Patience is not required.

Driving there has to steel themselves for the rigors of travel. It's confusing and hard to stomach sometimes. What if it's the first trip with your co-pilot? Do you both like hot and spicy Combos?

Enter The Sentai is a bit of a confusing record.

It takes some time to get into. By track four, if you've made it that far, you'll see that they are very much like manga. (They're a manga inspired band.) Though I'm a big fan of anime, manga has never been my thing overmuch.

Every time I read an article about a new book, it's like here's a group of rock singers that live in Tokyo, but on the weekends they're wizard crime fighters and did we mention that they're descended from clones of Einstein?!

Fans of Ghost, Faith No More, GWAR, and Mars Volta are supposed to be interested in Pseudo/Sentai and after listening to Enter The Sentai more than once, I'm confirming that.

There's crunch, there's a bit of Japanese metal, and there's some haunting vocals. All in all, it's as though time and space do no matter to our super hero friends.

Though I'm comparing this album to a road trip, it's more like traversing the multiverse listening to them. Time and space be damned.

They are not an easy band to listen to, but then, what is satisfying is rarely easy, is it not?

Release: 7/8/16
Genre: Progressive  Metal
Label: Truly Tarcon Records

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