Friday, June 10, 2016

EP Review: "Lord Kesseli and The Drums EP" by Lord Kesseli and The Drums

Lord Kesseli and The Drums
There's nothing more annoying to me than being late.

It's been a long time, but an indelible lesson was burned into my brain:

On time is five minutes early.

That's such a great creed to live by, sadly, some of the closest folks in my life don't always adhere to this. It's also very hard going to parties.

When I arrive spot on start time, well before the ???'s that it goes to, there's no one else there yet.

So, it's our wont to review and get the word out on new music at least two or three weeks ahead of time normally, because that's my schedule. This is one that slipped my fingers, but a well worded email reminded about this Swiss Psych Duo's upcoming debut...

Lord Kesseli and The Drums
Well, frankly, what in the world is a pscyh lord?

It's not just the world of heavy metal where there are far too many names of genres with far too lines of delineation that are quite thin.

To me, psych music is something that's a bit different. Large portions of vibrato and reverb always do wonders for the mood of the songs, but that's what psych music is.

It's music that creates moods.

Via psychology, perhaps.

In Lord Kesseli and The Drums's case, the songs are awash in vibrato and reverb. It builds an eerie atmosphere, and when something works, why not use it?

It would be like telling Shatner when to pause, he knows how to do it and it works every time.

There are also some keyboard undertones, but never anything that's over the top, or offputting. There's just a touch of ambiance there.

Thankfully for me, there are also guitars on this EP. The dissonant chords ring like church bells. This way we all know when worship is.

The songwriting is truly otherworldly. The odd tempos instill drama and add chaos.

All in all this album is chaos with a pop sensibility. You'll never hear it the same way twice.

Release: 6/13/16
Genre: Psych Pop
Label: Ikarus Records

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