Tuesday, June 28, 2016

LP Review: "Farewell To The Sun" by Vow of Thorns

Farewell To The Sun
Simply the title of this album piqued my interest.

There are times when it is really hard to just look at what there is on the plate to consider. It's always nice when a band makes it easy for me to want to be interested in their album.

The title, Farewell To The Sun evokes many different images to me.

The first is a metaphor for death. The sun is the life giving celestial body that warms us, nurtures us, and even gives us Vitamin D.

It could also be inferred that the speaker is choosing a life apart. Humans are diurnal creatures, so active during the day. By bidding the day farewell, he becomes a hermit.

And of course...vampires.

Vow of Thorns
This album is comprised of six tracks, containing a total of six compositions, though the title track is separated into three movements.

Farewell To The Sun is presented as a combination of Doom and Black Metal, but that was never evident to me.

This album is far more of an atmospheric Black Metal album, which, according to this reviewer, is by far the best Black Metal Subgenre.

This record is as diverse as its songs are expansive. There's a strong thematic feeling to the music, but it always comes across as fresh and eager. The beauty of the riffing is juxtaposed with the anger of the singing.

Most bands cannot create something like this. The songs fall off the edges of buildings, but not using the standard heavy gain to melodic cleans trope. Though the music goes from ugly to beautiful with the flip of a switch, it's not the turn you'd expect them to take.

Vow of Thorns succeeds in doing what many bands have never attempted in doing, creating very heavy and very beautiful music simultaneously.

Walk the path before you, the effort is well worth it.

Release: 7/15/16
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Forest Dweller Inc

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