Wednesday, June 15, 2016

LP Review: "Skylight" by A Devil's Din

There have been many musical movements and there will always be more.

Stoner Metal/Doom Metal is one of my favorite, or two of, genre(s).

It's interesting how these bands kind of sprang up over twenty years after they should have. When most folks think of Black Sabbath, the alpha and the omega, latter day Sabbath imagery is evoked.

KISS is kind of in the same boat as well. As much as this Ace fan hates to say it, KISS is Gene & Paul, as was their prior band Wicked Lester.

Well, most people tend to forget that KISS and Black Sabbath have influences in common, like Cream. Also lost to the ages is that both groups were hippies before they got heavy. Psychedelia and unkemptness abounded these gents.....

A Devil's Din...Or Hippies' Den am I right?
This album was put to me as Stoner Metal, but it's not. This isn't even Neo-Natal-Stoner Metal, but Pre-Neo-Natal-Stoner Metal, which just makes it psychedlic hippy stuff.

Which is awesome.

A Devil's Din is one of those bands who've taken a long, hard look at the history of music, and decided that about 45 years of it wasn't worth their time. (NOTE: Hyperbole).

This is a band that had they come out in 1970, we would have sung songs about them. Kiss and Black Sabbath would've talked about their amazing influence. Perhaps, they could've opened for Cream during the huge reunion dates.

As it is now, we have a relic from the past that helps reignite our collective imagination of what once was and what could be again.

Their music has more hooks than slurry factory and is lush and full. Lush is the adjective du jour in my notes on this record. The vocals, full of harmonies are large enough to fill Carnegie Hall.

When things get a little too thin, or perhaps normal, in comes the Hammond Organ blowing through Leslie Speakers. Guitar solos, awash in the wah wah....well there's really no need to end that sentence is there?

Drawing from Cream, Syd Barrett Pink Floyd, and all points in between, A Devil's Din has reminded us how beautiful music once was.

Release: 6/17/16
Genre: Psychedelia
Label: Island Dive Records

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