Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Interview: Crobot, There Will Be Touring!

In a world of iTunes, The Kardashians, and millennialls with long term memories of approximately eight seconds, Crobot, somehow, still exists.

Their sound, which they just call riff rock, feels timeless because, even though in parts they look and sound like what Stillwater should have been in Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous, their music has never really existed in any time period of popular music.

Full of riffs, doom, frenetic tenor vocals, and a rhythm section that Mayans could build their pyramids by, Crobot is truly isn't just in a league of their own, it's a sport they created.

Their career won't be made by power brokers getting their material played on MTV (which no longer exists), FM radio (which no longer exists), but by pouring their hearts out on stage before any band that'll accept them on stage.

Crobot has played my city in at least three different venues opening up for at least four different bands since the fateful day they crossed my path and sold me my first piece of new vinyl.

Their names will be made on the road. They've toured with Volbeat, Moorhead, Kill Devil Hill, and countless others. If they miss your town on opening up for someone, don't worry, they'll catch you on the next tour which probably starts the weekend after the one they're on now.

Glacially Musical: Thank you for taking the time out your insanely busy schedule to talk with me.

Crobot: No problem at all! 

GM: Let's talk about your tour with Motorhead. I caught you here in St. Louis at the Pageant and loved the set. What was the best part about that tour?

CR: Wow, that tour was an amazing tour and not only because of the unfortunate event of Lemmy’s passing.  

The best part of that tour was interacting with the band.  All of them took time to talk to us walking passed our dressing room.  Watching those guys never got old.  

GM: Obviously, we can't talk about that tour without noting that it was Lemmy's last. What was the mood like when Lemmy started stopping shows and canceling dates?

CR: We were all worried.  

He started to look considerably ill and with the high altitude sickness it became a concern if the tour would even continue.  We ended up staying productive and got a head start on our pre-production for the newest album while in Texas.  

So, we were hard at work during the few canceled Texas dates.  

GM: Was there any great amount of concern considering his future?

CR: Well, we all knew Lemmy was going to go out with his boots on; so, when he started actually cancelling dates, we began to get worried.  

His crew was definitely working diligently to make sure he was in good health. 

GM: Well, let's pivot into some more cheerful territory shall we? 

I first came in contact with Crobot when you opened for Kill Devil Hill in St. Louis at The Firebird and honestly, I'm still a bit confused as to what you guys do. 

Can you explain the music to me?

CR: Hah.  We love that kind of reaction.  W

e call it dirty groove rock because we don’t really have an explanation as to what it is.  One thing is for certain, it’s all gonna be funky.  

If you ain’t bobbin’ your head, we’re doing something wrong.  Now, we ain’t for every palette mind you, but if you like a little riff-rock for your funky soul, tune-in to our transmission.  

GM: Since that first show, it seems like you've been back to St. Louis, a traditionally under served market, like four or five times. 

Was this intentional or did it just work out that way?

CR: St. Louis has always been a city that has treated us well.  

We’ve played quite a few times there as you’ve said and every show continues to build on the groundwork we’ve laid down there.  Plus, we love an excuse to visit Pappy’s for some ‘mazin’ BBQ! 

We’ll keep coming back if you’ll keep havin’ us, Louie! 

GM: I seem to recall your Facebook page stating "Always On Tour," do you ever turn down a tour?

CR: Ya know what.  I don’t think we have.  Hah! 

GM: It would seem to me that you guys probably don't even need homes you're on the road so much. How much time do you spend off of tour?

CR: Not much.  I think we are all most in our element on the road.  

The months tend to add up and it’s always bittersweet at the end of every tour.  

However, it’s a necessity to recharge the batteries sometimes at home. 

GM: How about that new album?

CR: September 23rd Welcome to Fat City (Author's Note: Review is forthcoming.) will be hitting a store near you.  Vinyl.  CD.  8 track and all of that!  Wait, what?  

Well, it may not exactly be that far back of a time warp, but it’s funkier, it’s sludgier, it’s dirtier, and it always grooves, baby.  

We’ve been throwing some of the new tracks out there for the Beardos to hear; so, catch us in a town near you, leaving a trail of riff marks.  

GM: I totally dig Welcome To Fat City. It feels like a more focused record than it's predecessor, Something Supernatural. Did it feel any different when you recorded it?

 CR: It definitely felt easier.  

There was less pressure involved this time because we had already worked with Machine and made a killer first record together.  We were really happy about the way things panned out the first time around.  

Because of that first experience at the Machine Shop, we went into the “Welcome to Fat City” a more refined band and more experienced.  We love to test the waters with songs, too.  

So, it was only natural for us to throw some of those out there to see if they float in a live setting which also helped narrow down the keepers.   

GM: I'm guessing that there will be all kinds of tour plans?

CR: Oh, yes; there will be touring.  Oh, yes.  

We head out on a short headlining run with the Virginmarys, & Aeges in a few weeks which will lead us into our tour with Sevendust until the end of August. 

Then, we will be making the rounds West for another headlining tour with some kick ass bands to be announced at the end of August into September.  

From there we will be hitting the road again, as support for a killer band that I’m not sure we can announce just yet... That takes us right into fall-festival season here in the U.S. and from there we trek across the pond with Volbeat & Airbourne to round out the end of the year.  

Oh, wait….there’s a U.K. tour in the works in there somewhere, too.  Phew.  And that’s only up until Thanksgiving; so, do stay tuned!  

Crobot's next album will be released on September 23rd.

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