Friday, July 22, 2016

LP Review: "The Hecatomb" by Temple Nightside

The Hecatomb
Cold, grimy, and dark.

That's a simple way to describe the best months of the year in my personal opinion, the winter.

Life is never as good for me as when my neighborhood is covered in snow and ice. Sweating, heat exhaustion, and sun burn are words not stated in the murky grip of January.

Those are serious problems in my home during the oppressive months of summer.

Aside from the apparent desolation, there are some juxtaposed upsides as well. As our home is in a fairly historic neighborhood, and that our domicile is older than my grandfather, a beautiful, snow covered winter looks like a Charles Dickens novel. Even in darkness, there is beauty.

Temple Nightside
Today we consider the second album of Australia's Temple Nightside.

Normally, crossing genres isn't my style, but this record is a doom death metal album.

All of the convention of Tampa Bay death metal is on full display, the blast beats, the alternate picked riffing, and the growls.

It's also coupled with the major conventions of Doom Metal. It's Lo-Fi. The songs are slow.

And if my hinting was too subtle, the songs are desolate and feel of a winter wasteland. These tracks have the all of the warmth of a night in a Siberian Gulag.

Slow and plodding with double bass beats. Dark and melancholy with death metal growls that are one part Carcass, one part Morbid Angel, and 1 part Ahab.

Temple Nightside grinds out their tracks, their vision, and it's bleak and beautiful. Spin this record as you plan your land war in Asia.

It will help.

Release: 8/5/16
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Iron Bonehead

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  1. Wonderful imagery, Nik, thanks for sharing! I too am a fan of winter, though less and less as I get older and the cold gets into my bones more easily. This album sounds like it would rattle them uncomfortably, but it's still a great review ;)