Monday, July 4, 2016

LP Review: "Biolith" by Third Ion

In the history of music there have been about one quintillion super groups, and most of them kind of suck.

Even Velvet Revolver kind of sucked, apart from some beautiful tracks here and there.

When bands are peopled with members of other bands, what makes this transition so hard?

Well, personally speaking, it could be attributed to stars of bands going into other bands and not being able to make their mark. Again, Velvet Revolver comes to mind. Slash didn't make his mark as Slash on those records.

Well certainly there  has to be a panacea for this poison. Groups like Cream have shown us the way. When several members of bands get together, each player has to be able to make their statement in the songs.

Third Ion
The best way for bands to be able to do this is to play more progressive music.

That's what has to be done.

Out of the Fabled Canadas, Third Ion has cobbled together a decidedly odd mix of metal, science, and video games.

Biolith is their second album and they have altered their course a little bit.

There is no part of the music that's not a significant improvement over the preceding album.

The solos are bigger and more technical. The drumming is something otherworldly. There are even bass guitar solos. It's an unknown fact that bass guitarists can also create some masterful solos and frankly, modern metal has far too little of that.

The vocals come out of several different places. Now, hear me out on this next bit, but this album sounds like prog metal Doors. In place of the Hammond Organ solos, we get these rhythmic, highly advanced solos that sound like the kind of material Ray Manzerak would play, like in Light My Fire.

Many folks forget about The Doors' progressive leanings, especially live.

The only complaint about this album that can be made is that there is less of the video game feel from their debut album, but overall, Third Ion is improving and is a force to be reckoned with.

Release: 7/8/16
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Glasstone Records

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