Tuesday, July 26, 2016

LP Review: "Never Enough" by The Company Corvette

Never Enough
When your friend and humble narrator was just a lad, music lovers didn't have this thing called choice.

Our music came from the radio, then we could buy the tape or the vinyl. One hit wonders didn't last long back then, because an artist had to make an entire album's worth of tunes.

This was for the single fact that we had no ability to skip a track.

Well, we couldn't really do it for years as for me, I missed out on the original vinyl era and when I was purchasing it was all about cassette tapes...and that was hard.

Then enter in the CD. My father many times talked about how it was so easy to skip tracks now. The singer in my band in the mid-90's refused to switch to CD, because he didn't want to purchase anything that wasn't good all the way though.

The Company Corvette
Here we are today...in the iTunes era. how many bands out there make their money on a song or two instead of on their records....too many.

Let's talk about the debut record from Philadelphia's The Company Corvette.

It's equal parts Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, and whatever those vocals are.

This is a true lo-fi record. Fans of the eponymous Black Sabbath album will find this to be a refreshing sounding album.

Slick it is not. It's dirty and crusty. There are rough-hewn edges all over the songs.

The guitars are psychedelic and raw and feature a goodly number of colors in the crayon box here. Feedback, wah, and straight up riffing rule the day though, but the bass guitar's not to be outdone as well.

The vocals...well I've not quite figured them out, but they belong here. They're a perfect fit.

Where The Company Corvette succeeds is by harkening back to the good old days of albums. The songs build and build to a crescendo.

There are plenty of money shots all around here.

In a modern era when singles are all the rage, it's quite pleasing to hear a band focusing on the 45 minutes on their LP.

Release: 8/5/16
Genre: Acid Rock/Stoner Metal
Label: The Company Records

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