Wednesday, July 20, 2016

LP Review: "Kingdom of Sand" by Myriad of Lights

Kingdom of Sand
There was a time when the ooze was still primordial.

In that time, the world was very old, but the living were young. In time, things began to change. Pangaea broke up into several smaller continents.

The air become breathable.

Life crawled out of the sea and onto the land. This is when things really started to hot up.

Eventually the world has become what we know it as, but try as we might to make our world into Coruscant, there are still pockets of what used to be.

We live in a world that contains places that man has yet to despoil or improve, depending upon your stance at the moment. What if humanity could return to the point of the primordial ooze?

Myriad of Lights
Were a human to return to the ooze in order to see what there was to see, how would they return?

What would they be as they stared at the amino acids?

Myriad of Lights knows.

They are a modern metal band that plays traditional metal music. They're proto-retro.

Or pretro.

All of the epic of Iron Maiden or Dragonforce, with all of the crunch of Carcass or Buckethead. Myriad of Lights stands astride two vastly different worlds.

This record has super slick production. It sounds spectacular. The guitar tones are just perfection. The only drawback is that the drums could sound a touch fuller and louder.

The music itself is the perfect marriage of classical design and modern techniques. These men have stood at the edge of the creation of metal and come back with a different vision of what metal is.

Myriad of Lights has managed to sound current while waving the flags of the past.

Release: 8/27/16
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Punishment 18
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