Wednesday, July 6, 2016

LP Review: "Longing For Infection" by Fistula

Longing For Infection
Let's take a moment to talk about something.

Personal pain.

Pain and anger go hand in hand, which is part of what makes it such fertile territory for loud and aggressive music.

When someone is in pain, they are stronger, they are weaker, and they seek survival at all costs.

Anger is similar to that. There are a great many examples in the history of man, both written and oral, of people using their anger and pain to affect great change.

Whether or not the results are a net positive or negative is something best left to the annals of history on a case by case basis. In the USA right now, we are seeing great pain and great anger. There is a reaction happening to both.

Fistula is a band that emboldens pain. Their pain is projected onto the tracks.

The songs are thick, throaty, and just full of reckless abandon.

Longing For Infection is a screaming manifesto of personal hurt.

Sonically, it's interesting.

The tone is a full modern take on technical death metal.

The palm muted riffs are sharper than an untested katana. The drums are a bit thinner than I personally prefer, but there's no St. Anger Effect.

Though, vocals are rarely the component that move me, this album's vocals are so brutally honest, it's impossible not to love them, even though this is my least favorite style of of metal vocals.

The vocals moved me. It's not often that can be said for an extreme metal band.

Their decision to self-release created an atmosphere where they could create their own vision without any outside determination.

It worked has worked to spectacular effect. Fistula has created the perfect soundtrack to self-immolation.

Release: 7/15/16
Genre: Metal
Label: DIY

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