Monday, June 22, 2015

Album Review: "Blackmail The Nation" by Ultimate Holocaust

Blackmail the Nation

I recently asked the other day if people are still listening to new music. I foolishly asked if anyone listened to any bands that were formed after the 80's.

It's easy to forget that it's 2015 and I'm getting old, but today...

Let's talk about Ultimate Holocaust.

Our new friends are from Italy. Honestly, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea of Italian Extreme Metal.

I'm frankly at a loss, but we seem to be receiving some very good exports from our boot shaped friends.

Five years in and they're finally releasing their debut album, and like Nuke Laloosh, they're announcing their presence with authority.

Ultimate Holocaust
This band is so new that they don't have an entry on Encyclopaedia Metallum....

Let's talk about the tunes.

Are you looking for angry vocals?


They sound about halfway between Carcass's Jeff Walker and Morbid Angel's David Vincent. It's kind of a sweet spot if you ask me.

Loud riffy guitars?


The tones on this album are amazing. I'd love to know more about how they got them. Aside from the chugging rhythms of extreme metal, the solos are insanely beautiful. They're this oasis of gorgeousness and gorgousity, especially during the harmonies.

All of it working in concert to tell their story. Did I mention they're coming out of the gates with a concept album?

I'll leave the rest of the detective work up to you, but this album should be on your must buy list.

Release: 7/27/15
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Earthquake Terror Noise
Facebook Link

Live, but you get the idea.

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