Friday, June 5, 2015

Album Review: "Son of Boogie Woogie" by Ron Thompson

Son of Boogie Woogie
"I'm in the music business. I spend all day not making money!" says the smarmy manager in a recent MC Chris sketch.

What if there was a record label that wasn't about making money? That was a non-profit organization?

Well, meet The Little Village Foundation.

That's just what they're cool is that?

Well, let's get on with it. Today's album review is Ron Thompson.

The man himself is not new to the scene. Stevie Ray Vaughan was once counted among Thompson's fans.

In the before time, he cut some singles for the legendary Chess Records. Here today we have some new music by the man and it shouldn't be missed by any fans of the Blues.

Ron Thompson
It's hard to describe the blues I think. At least to someone who's not familiar with them.

I don't think of them as being sad music.

I think of it as a very emotional genre. You've got to feel it.

They can be slow, fast, raucous, morose, and even happy.

Thompson burns through this record hitting on all of those emotions.

Slow blues, 12 bar blues, slide guitar, electric, acoustic, well electrified acoustic, it's just all in here.

This is the kind of music that will make you want to drink a whiskey on the rocks and smoke a Camel Non-Filter in a small room somewhere.

Close your eyes and you'll see the walls shaking, feel the dust falling on you from the rafters, and get the tingles that come from the music that seeps into your soul.

Never one to hog the spotlight, the hammond organ, the keys, and the drums all take their turns cuttin' heads. This album nails it in every possible way.

If you've ever wanted a time machine, this album will take you back to Chicago in 1955.

It's been a long time since an album like his has been recorded. Make sure you don't miss it.

Release: 6/30/15
Genre: Blues
Label: Little Village Foundation
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Video for Jitterbug Swing

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