Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Album Review: "Fallen Statues EP" by Sense of Fall

Fallen Statues
Every so often, an independent artist will email me and ask that I check out their music.

Today's review came all the way from Scandinavia, Finland to be exact. Sadly, I've had to many reviews from Finland lately that I already used my Monty Python Finland joke.

I don't know any other Finnish sorry about that.

Frankly, I don't know much about this particular band. They originally formed in 2008.

The band as a five piece unit has existed since 2012 when they named themselves Sense of Fall.

They speak highly of the variety in their songs, and there's definitely quite a lot going on in the songs here. They simply call their music melodic death metal.

Sense of Fall
This album has a definite Scandinavian feel. The guitars are precise.

The tone is dry and high gain.

The drums don't blast constantly like American death metal.

There is "clean" singing, but it's not the nasally backdrop created for variety's sake.

There's a great amount of change ups between the growls and the somewhat operatic vocals.

It creates, well yes variety as well as, a great juxtaposition of music. Not to say the demon vocals are bad, but the semi-operatic vocals are strong, strong, strong.

The songs have a drumming first mentality. Instead of the drums being the backbone, they're they body. As the drums go, so do the riffs.

From top to bottom this album is surgically precise. Everything is in full unison and there is nary a note that sounds remotely out of place. A little bit of looseness though never hurt anyone.

True as billed, the music is highly melodic with flurries of guitar work full of hyperspeed solos and riffs round out the sound.

If this is what Sense of Fall can do on their first try, this is a band we should all watch with interest.

Release: 5/22/15
Genre: Death Metal
Label: DIY
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