Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Interview: Biotoxic Warfare Lobotomizes The Rest of Us

Recently I reviewed the debut effort by Biotoxic Warfare.

I found their debut album to be a refreshing change of pace in the extreme metal scene. Unlike most bands who stick with a single style, they blend thrash and death metal together and create a very new idea.

Lobotomized is one of the best albums I have heard in a very long time, and it would definitely be the best "death metal" record I've heard in ages.

I really can't say anything negative about it. It's just one of those perfect albums.

I wanted to get to know these guys a little bit better, and thankfully George Dimitrakakis was willing to answer my silly questions.

Please note. Dimitrakakis's answers are not edited.

Glacially Musical: Let's start off with the basics. Most of us in the States haven't had a proper introduction yet. So, tell us about yourselves?

George Dimitrakakis: Greetings we are Biotxoic Warfare hailing from the island of Crete, Greece.

We play death/thrash metal, the old-school way, the band was founded back in 2012 and it consists of Mike (Vocals), George (Lead guitars), Stelios (Rhythm guitars), Panayotis (Bass) and Orestis (Drums).

GM: Your main influences speak loudly in your music, Obituary, Slayer, Exodus, Death, etc, but whom have you been inspired by that we would find surprising?

GD: Our influences vary in each individual band member and we can say that someone can find very surprising stuff in there. 

First of all, we are all influenced by classic rock and classic heavy metal, which we find to be the start of all things in extreme metal. 

Also, our lead guitarist, who is also the main songwriter, is into classical music too, so it has a significant impact in our musical identity.

GM: I love the way your album sounds. What was your first reaction upon hearing the finished product?

GD: The first listening session of the final mastered product was a very special moment for us. 

It was a huge satisfaction to see all your efforts coming alive in front of your eyes and that is something that fills you with more pleasure that can be described by words.  

We were completely satisfied by the endgame and it was sure something above out expectations.

GM: Was it recorded on Pro-Tools or a studio?

GD: Everything was recorded in our home studio using Cubase 5 and then our producer re-amp them using in the studio. 

We chose that way because we had really low budget and a full-time studio recording here in Greece can be really costly, especially for an underground band.  

GM: I don't hear any of the bland modern 5150 metal tone. How do you guys get that sound. Amps, guitars, effects, etc?

GD: Our producer, Vaggelis Theodorakis from Revolted Masses, took charge of everything. 

With our proper guidance, we found the exact sound that we like and we try to bring it to life. We wanted something to approach the 80’s era but with taking advantage of all the benefits that the modern sound engineering has to offer in order to make our music sound no too out of date. 

We think that we somehow made it.

GM: Now more than ever, a band has to break their music on the road. Do you have any plans to come see us in the USA?

GD: Yes, definitely, nowadays a band has to play as much as it cans and in different places too, in order to get their music heard by wider audiences. 

We have not any plan, yet, for visiting the USA, but we are open in possible booking proposals.  

GM: How do you describe your music to someone?

GD: Our music can be described as a mix of old school thrash metal (mostly influenced by the German scene) and old school American death metal.  

A listener can also trace dark melodies, technical guitar riffing, shredding guitar solos and, in general, fragments of the whole extreme metal universe.  

GM: Obviously the album's super metal. You guys have got to be really metal to have made it, but what's the least metal thing about you?

GD: Thanks for the kind words! Kinda tough question but maybe we can say the fact that our bassist works as an ice-cream salesman in summers, heheh.
GM: I know I might be rushing things, but since this record was already released in Europe, I'd like to know how far along you are on your next album.

GD:  We are into the songwriting process for our next album. 

We have already finished working on some tracks and we can say that our new stuff will be a step ahead of our debut in terms of aggression, rawness and darkness. 

Fans of Lobotomized will surely fell off for the next one!  

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