Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Interview: Sisters Of... Starts Off With Metallica

Sisters Of...
Let's take a trip to St. Joseph, MO.

From my spot here in St. Louis, MO, when I think of St. Joe, I think of the Pony Express and what must quite the long trip by car to get there.

I never really think of it having a bustling music scene or anything like that.

I honestly don't even know the size of the town in my home state.

Sisters Of... certainly make me want to get down there and see what's in the water so to speak.

I recently reviewed their debut album, and it was an interesting ride to say the least. I really didn't know what to expect and I still came away from it shaking my head in disbelief. 

So, let's find out a little bit more about these fellows here....

Glacially Musical: Let's be boring for a minute, who are your top influences?

Sisters Of... : It's an ever changing list but when we made this record we listened to Black Sabbath, Melvins, Sigur Ros, Perfume Genius, Behemoth, and Ghost to name a few. 

GM: How would you describe the music you make?

SO: I think you can describe us as a very heavy and a very not heavy band. 

GM: What was the band that made you think, I should do that?

SO: Metallica to start off with. 

Then came Slayer. Then came Tool. Just a few in a long list that really stood out. 

But definitely Metallica when I was in 5th grade. The Justice record. It changed everything. 

GM: Your music, to me, is very unique. What bands do you see that play a similar style to you?

SO: I think there are a few that are like us that seem to want to explore sounds as opposed to genres. 

We get compared to Isis, Pelican, Neurosis, and Russian Circles in every review, and it's something we aren't trying to do, but we do like those bands a great deal and feel like they could possibly look at music the way we do.

GM: What's the music scene like in St. Joseph, MO?

SO: Honestly I don't even know. Not that I'm not interested, I just don't get out enough to learn anything. 

We have a few friends around our age that play some good music called Third Wounded Man and I think I'm gonna mix their record this summer. 

I hear there are great things happening here which makes me happy and hopeful to be a part of. 

GM: How are you going to tour this album?

SO: We don't know how to answer that yet. 

Of course we would love to play these songs every night and go out with great bands, but we never even intended to even be a real band. 

We just wanted to record an EP and see if our friends liked it. Now obviously our expectations have changed so we have started to try and find members to play live and we in the process of rehearsing and booking shows close to home. 

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