Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Album Review: "Downfall Rising" by Wombbath

Downfall Rising
Today we're playing the long game.

You'll see why in a little bit.

But let's all begin with welcoming back Wombbath. It feels like we're seeing a rebirth of many old school death metal bands and here's yet another one.

If you're not familiar, let's have a short refresher course shall we?

They were originally formed in 1990 in Sala, Vastamland, Sweden.

Like another famous Swedish act, Entombed, they play a brand of Death'n'Roll. Not quite as crazy heavy as proper death metal, but still death metal.

In after one full length, a split, and a pair of EPs, Wombbath went dark. Here we are twenty some years later with their sophomore LP!

Their album opens up with the standard death metal overture, appropriately entitled Intro.

Then things really take off.

The first proper track is full of thundering guitar, blasting drums, and very angry vocals.

Around the middle of the track is where things got really interesting. Instead of lashing out a standard death metal shred solo, we're entreated to a very melodic, long form guitar solo.

It was absolutely beautiful and lush.

Over the course of the album, there was never a second one, but plenty of diversity from all corners.

Ballads, mid-tempo sludgers, and full out death metal assaults.

The album has that "Gothenburg" tone. The guitars are crunchy and very high gain. Not the 5150 style, but the old school Carcass style gain. Thick enough to be death metal, but still very well defined and responsive.

Their palm muted riffs are simply crushing.

The album has some of the best production value I have ever heard in a death metal album. Quality music has underlying subtleties. It's uncommon to actually hear those on a high gain metal record, but they're all here and completely audible.

This album has it all...shredding, harmonies, angries, and a great signature sound.

Release: 8/21/15
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Dark Descent Records
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