Friday, June 12, 2015

Album Review: "Time Stands Still" by Unleash the Archers

Time Stands Still
Let's talk about Canada.

The Stanley Cup Finals are in full swing, sorry Canada. The Women's World Cup is in full swing up there too right now.

Personally, I love the Great White North and frankly it's been far too long since I've made it up to our neighbor.

Being good neighbors, we've lent Canada metal or they got it from our absentee parent, The United Kingdom.

Either way, Canada has been really kicking out some great metal in the last year or so. Until recently I was caught completely unawares regarding Canadian music besides the big ones.

Metal especially. I'd like to review a metal record from each of the provinces. I think I'm still missing Quebec, PEI, Saskatchewan, BC, Alberta, New Foundland, and Nova Scotia. Come on, guys. Get on it!

Unleash the Archers
Oh, our  new friends are from Vancouver! We can scratch that off our list.

This band is listed as either progressive metal or power metal. Frankly, I'm going with the former as I've never seen the latter come out of the Western Hemisphere.

In a metal record, I like loud guitars, booming vocals, thundering drums, and a fat bottom end.

Well, Unleash the Archers didn't stop there. It's a bit hard to really pin down what they're doing here.

It's a bit difficult to call them prog metal, because we're not hearing excessively long epics.

What we do get is a record full of long-ish songs that never seem to sit still for any length of time.

The vocals are a great example of this. From banshee wails on the order of King Diamond, to death growls in line with Obituary, and even screeches that would make Carcass blush. And we certainly can't forget the anthemic choruses.

The guitar work is jaw dropping and highly complex. From shredding solos to perfectly picked palm muted riffs. No guitar fan will be left wanting and might ask for a bit less....

If King Diamond had created a genre of metal with the first Mercyful Fate record, then Unleash The Archers are following in his very large footsteps.

Release: 6/26/16 Europe 7/7/15 US/Canada
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Napalm Records

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  1. Is that a reference to Rush in the album title? Keep up the good work, Nik!