Friday, February 19, 2016

Album Review: "Demise of the Crown" by Demise of the Crown

Demise of the Crown
Do you know what we all pay too much attention to?

Oh, you like Sabbath?

You'll love Karma To Burn!

I'm not any better. I often tell people that if you like this band you'll probably love this other band. Sometimes I'm right and sometimes I'm not, but a starting point is always a good thing for music.

More often than not, these labels we as journalists, friends, and fans create only just hit the mark and we the band a disservice. Then of course, there are other times when a band apes someone so hardcore that one can't help but notice and hear the influence. The band of the day today, Demise of the Crown was suggested if you like: Nevermore, Avenged Sevenfold, Opeth, Pantera, and Arch Enemy.

I love this because none of those bands have much in common!

Demise of the Crown
Demise of the Crown is power metal.

Let's just get that out of the way.

If you're looking for vocal deliveries that range from James Hetfield circa 1983 and Phil Anselmo circa 1989, this band has that!

We'll also throw in, at no extra charge, Tom Araya circa 1984!

If you're looking for guitar solos that will melt your face off...They're here!

All the time.

Anthem style choruses, crushing metal riffs, acoustic arpeggios, soft melodies, thunder drums, and the stuff nightmares are made of?

Demise of the Crown has everybody in the world covered at all times. They are the United Nations of Metal.

To honestly pin down their influences would probably drive me insane, if I hadn't heard the album first.

The songs are high quality compositions. The instruments are lacking in neither technicality nor emotion. The only complaint is that the highest register vocals don't always fit.

Release: 3/4/16
Genre: Power Metal
Label: DIY

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