Monday, February 29, 2016

Album Review: "Taser Revelations" by Adam Stafford

Taser Revelations
Normally, this is the part of my reviews where I wax nostalgic about the vague idea that an album inspires in me while I'm listening to it in order to humanize my review and give my readers an idea of what this particular album means to me.

This time is a little bit different and I hope that Adam Stafford can forgive me.

This is the 500th post on Glacially Musical.

This little blog started officially on Friday August 3, 2012.

It's a labor of love and there have been many changes in the three plus years of its existence. Since about 2004, I've always had some sort of writing project, but none of them have been as long running, prolific, or as successful as this one.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading these pages, not for me, but for the bands herein that you haven't heard of yet. This blog is me telling all of my friends, and more, about these really cool bands. It's my tribute to the world of music.

Adam Stafford (Stolen from Facebook)
As this is a non-specific music blog that admittedly reviews a lot of metal, I sometimes have to force myself out of that mindset and into something different.

Enter Adam Stafford of Falkirk, Scotland.

My press released referred to him as Electrified Alt Pop. Frankly, that term is completely lost on me.

What isn't lost is the unique usage of overdriven, fuzzed out guitars on what's largely a vocal pop album.

This album is done a disservice by simply referring to it as vocal pop. There is far more to be heard in these grooves than just the man's voice, delightful though it is.

Acoustic guitars, techno splashes, snakelike solos played in rebellious dissonance, and beautifully performed harmony vocals permeate this album.

It's never this or that, but all of this merged into one. The songs don't have a techno part that leads into the Nirvana guitar part, but these things co-habitate and this is what gives the album its focus.

Behind every corner is something new, even for old hats like myself.

Release: 3/11/16
Genre: Electrified Alt Pop
Label: Toad Records

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