Friday, February 26, 2016

Album Review: "Evolution of Evil" by Casket Robbery

Evolution of Evil
There is no other type of music like metal in what it engenders among its adherents.

No one is wearing a jean jacket with patches of jazz artists and there are few people who've been denied entry into malls because they were wearing a blues t-shirt.

Metalheads are often mischaractarized as outcasts who can't fit into normal society. Well of course there's something wrong with each and every metalhead.

However, that's because everyone's broken.

With all of the togetherness of metalheads everywhere, there's also a lot of exclusion. This is false metal. This is real metal. For as much of a tribe as metal is, it's also a tribunal. In that frame of mind, The People of Missouri present our case.

Casket Robbery
Being a big time nobody in the music blogging world, much of my personal time is dedicated to keeping this thing afloat and seeking new readers.

Due to the fact that I'm a big time nobody, there is always plenty of material to cover from bands with six Facebook likes to bands with hundreds of thousands.

Because I have the luxury of content sometimes it can be about which bands not to cover rather than which ones to cover.

So, let's talk Casket Robbery.

This is a modern death metal band with classic influences. Maturing as an artist is learning what to take from the masters and what to leave out.

The beats blast, The riffs gallop. The vocals are brootal.

Thankfully, there's more to this band than those simple things. Songcraft, even in death metal is important. Just being heavy isn't enough.

Casket Robbery has laid hooks everywhere in their tunes to keep the thundering metal fresh.

Even the drums defy death metal convention by changing it up all the time. From the standard blast beats to running with the vocals, the drums are just about perfection.

They tend to juxtapose high riffs over low riffs creating a sonic discomfort. Angry, death metal shouldn't be easy to listen to. Then add in the recordings of Jeffery Dahmer to close out songs, the horror factor is in full effect.

Release: 3/4/16
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Mortal Music

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