Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Album Review: "The Immortalist Part Two. Momentum" by Divinity

The Immortalist Part Two. Momentum
Life is all about compromises isn't it?

Well, it is for those of us who've considered hermit life and realized that there just aren't enough kick ass guitar solos out there when you live by yourself in a cave.

My ex-wife and I had a pretty strong overlapping musical taste, much like my daughter and I, but she hated extreme metal. Then she found Dragonforce and car rides got easier.

My daughter...she's a budding otaku and happens to love metal, but as she's a girl, she likes things with girls in it. Well...play Arch Enemy for her and she's going to think, there aren't any girls in this band.

So, she rocks out with the "fox" horns up to Baby Metal. It's cool because I love Baby Metal too. Where do you think this love of all things Japanese comes from besides her very wanna be Japanese father?

Well, I don't want to compromise.

I want something like those two bands because both Baby Metal and Dragonforce have some top notch music, but though I love both of those bands, sometimes they're just not the all in, brute force, thrash till my head hurts (17 seconds is the current record because I'm old.), metal.

And neither of them fits the bill.

So, let's check out an indie metal band from the wilds of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This band has been kicking ass for north of two decades now, and 80% of the band is still original which accounts for their ability to mesh.

I listed to this album because it was listed as progressive death metal, and yes, it is quite progressive, but it's still a hair below death metal. It's certainly too extreme for terrestrial radio that's for sure.

But it's not precisely death metal.

Blast beats, constant growls, super mega gained out guitars, and that thundering snare drum, they're just not present.

However, teasing guitar solos are present. Just when it's about to go off, it's tucked back and the riff crushes once again. It's divinely uncomfortable.

The arpeggiated guitar and piano interplay...it's accounted for. How often does this happen. This band has an identity and a style that's too heavy for the radio and not absurdly heavy enough for the underground.

The perfect gateway drug which is not to say that this album isn't awesome, because it is. It's the perfect compromise, because you won't even realize it.

Release: 2/5/16
Genre: Extreme Metal
Label: DIY

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