Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Album Review: "I Did Something Bad" by The Erkonauts

I Did Something Bad
When I was in high school, my best friend played bass in a couple bands.

Due to his influence, to me, the bass guitar became something more than just half of the rhythm section, but a genuine instrument capable of adding more to the music than the just that bottom end.

Based on my experience, it really is true that bass players love Rush, Primus, Stu Hamm, and all the rest of those guys.

Knowing Nate like I did helped open my eyes to music in a new and different way.

Even now, I still appreciate some kick ass basslines, but we don't seem to get as many of them as we used to in the free wheelin' 90's when music, metal in particular, was a bit more open and less genre conforming.

The Erkonauts
Honestly, I cannot really tell what these guys' deal is.

There's some Suicidal Tendencies in there, well, more Infectious Grooves than Suicidal.

The Infectious Grooves influence is bigger than just funky bass lines and shuffling music that feels like being on a trampoline.

Suicidal was far more serious than Grooves.

The Erkonauts are clearly not trying to change the world with songs like 9 Is Better Than 8, but they sure sound like they're having a damned great time making the music.

This is a group of self described "groove metal deviants," but I think that tag really under serves what they do. From beginning to end of I Did A Bad Thing I was riveted. There's certainly a groove underlying the overt insanity.

It's it fair to consider a band progressive if their longest song is only six minutes?

The high energy songs are buffeted by some very skilled musicianship and a vocalist to match. Well, he's certainly no Pavaratti, but the delivery change ups keep pace with the rest of the band. Simply singing in a high tenor over every single track would do a disservice to the songs.

So  he changes it up at will and creates a far more dynamic band. There is absolutely no same-ness anywhere in this album.

If this album were a house, System of a Down would be the architect and Infectious Grooves would be the contractor. Then of course Faith No More would be the realtor.

But even that's a disservice to how talented this band is and how cool the record turned out. There's just too much going on to really tell you what's here.

You have to experience this album for yourself.

Release: 2/12/16
Genre: Metal
Label: Kaotoxin

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