Thursday, February 25, 2016

Album Review: "Sarnath" by Centipede

Metal. Just the name is a bit off putting to those who aren't part of the clan.

Too many times have the dirge of sub-genres graced these pages, both my laughing at and enjoying of them.

All metal has one thing in common though, strong emotions.

To be metal is more than just like Metallica or some other such metal band. An old friend used to have "Metal Rulez" on her notebook and we merciless poked fun at her because her favorite bands were Nelson and Slaughter.

From the strength of the emotion comes the power of the music. When it's played correctly, a simple chord can be worth more than anything. Little swirling riffs can feel like Charybdis. That's why false metal is so easy to spot. It doesn't hurt at all.

Our new compatriots from Helsinki, Finland, Centipede, are now getting around to releasing their full length debut album, but there have been plenty of releases before this one.

Labeled as Stoner Metal, Centipede have a style that cuts through the din of similar acts.

Their guitars are closest to High On Fire, but there's a bit more to them here.

Orange Goblin has the most similar vocals, but they only hurt a little bit.

Well, the bass player could be a little more like Geezer Butler instead of holding down the bottom end, but nothing's perfect in this world.

The appellation heavy so rarely fits a band, but it feels like it was coined for Centipede.

The circling guitar riffs and thunderous chord progressions feel like Atlas holding up the world.

Between the bass and the guitars it sounds like their amplifiers are about to explode. This is the tone of legends. Jason and the Argonauts have found the Golden Fleece.

But even with all the quality playing, there is nothing without the songs and Centipede have left nothing to chance. Each note, hit of the tom, and thump of the bass is city being leveled, but all in service of the songs.

This album is pure, toe tappin', swimming in tar, metal.

Release: 3/4/16
Genre: Stoner Metal
Label: Inverse Records

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